EV spotlight – Porsche Taycan

Here at BOOST EV we are constantly looking for dealerships releasing new products into the EV market.

Porsche have recently announced an entry-level Taycan variant with the introduction of rear-wheel-drive (saving 200lbs of weight) with two battery options.

As well as its comfort and interior design features, it offers 800-volt architecture, long distance range and an advanced cockpit… just to name a few highlights.

EV spotlight – Porsche Taycan

What are some of the highlights?                                                                                        


Even long distance destinations are within easy reach for the Taycan. A range of up to 301 miles is achievable due to the performance battery that the car comes with… reducing the need to stop and charge often, allowing long distance travel to be effortless.

Porsche advanced cockpit

The interior of the Taycan leaves a lasting impression. The cockpit offers up to four displays and is distinguished by pioneering technologies. The 16.8 inch digital curved display is the drivers main focus, surrounded by control panels with direct touch control for chassis functions and lighting.

In addition, there is a centre console control panel which provides the access to the media settings, telephone, navigation and Apple Carplay. Charging flaps and boots can also be opened and closed from this point.


This model offers two battery options; the standard performance battery delivers nominal power of 240kw and up to 300kw with launch control known as ‘over-boost mode’, this is fitted as standard and has a gross capacity of 79.2kWh. Whereas the optional performance battery plus will deliver nominal power of 280kW and up to 350KW, which has a gross capacity of 93.4kWh but this battery is an add on option.

What about the charging concept?

We have highlighted that the Porsche Taycan’s range is around 301 miles but what about the charging process? It has an Eco charging system, which ensures you can charge your car anywhere… whether that’s on the road, at home or when you arrive at your next destination.

When charging on the road with Porsche they offer three specialised services, all  ev charger units charge your car at just £0.30 per kilowatt hour, which in 6 minutes achieves up to 62 miles.

Highway charging

You will receive 3 years complimentary access to their highway charging partner, IONITY.

Porsche turbo charging

Select Porsche dealerships across the UK are equipped with high-performance Porsche Turbo Charging points.

Destination charging

Porsche have partnered with several high-end venues, to ensure wherever you go you can charge your car at no cost.

Porsche charging service

They provide you with an app that allows you to conveniently charge your Taycan at thousands of publicly accessible locations across Europe and the UK and pay via your app too.