Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

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As part of our commitment to the cleaner future revolution, Boost EV provides 100% renewable energy sources across all sectors in the UK. With a team of experienced technicians, we create the possibility of Electric Vehicle charging solutions for a flexible EV charging experience while benefitting the electrical grid.

EVs help mitigate carbon emissions by serving as an excellent replacement for petrol-fueled vehicles. The innovation of electric cars in the UK is expected to play a significant role in transporting people and items while reducing CO2emissions and air pollution.

According to a UK report by Statista, in 2019, there was an increase in the number of EV charging stations form the previous 14,732 to 20,461 across the country. (https://www.statista.com/statistics/932692/number-of-electric-vehicle-charging-stations-uk/)

Efficient recharging stations will be essential to ensure consumers can charge with the flexibility EV charging solutions offers.

At Boost EV, our solutions cut across several industries, including building & construction, hotels, schools, and many other businesses. Whether you’re a property manager, fleet manager, or business owner, we can help you meet your carbon-free environment goals. And of course, our solutions come at very competitive offers.

Solutions to All Industries

The change and possibility of electrified transportation provides a range of opportunities for several industries to attract EV drivers and contribute to a greener environment. Irrespective of the industry – commercial, private, or government-owned – Boost EV provides a possibility for all to leverage the Electric Vehicle charging solutions.

Our installation services include commercial buildings and offices, public and private car parks, fleet EV, councils & communities, hotel EV solutions, restaurants, and residential apartment blocks charging solutions. Get in touch with us now to discover which package fits your needs perfectly.

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Why Your Business Should Install an EV Charging Station?

Here are three reasons your business or home should adopt our EV solutions:

  1. Contribute to an Improved Eco-System

Carbon emissions are known to be one of the sources of health consequences to our environment. And with increasing carbon-reduction policies in the UK, all industries must take deliberate steps in reducing the emission of pollutants to improve the eco-system. The fact that electric vehicle charging stations produce no emissions makes them an ideal choice for all industries to embrace. By installing an EV charging station at your commercial space, you’re contributing to an improved and clearer planet to live.

  1. Gain Tax Advantages

Adding EV charging stations provides a flexible platform that lets you gain tax advantages. For instance, you can simply allot the required energy each of your company cars need to function efficiently. Similarly, your business can leverage EV charging solutions to qualify for a tax credit of about 30% of the initial cost.

  1. Attract and Retain High-Quality Employees

Installing EV charging stations your business ease the experience of your workers with the EV vehicles and creates a better working environment. For instance, the number of hours your employees have their cars in the park could be leveraged for charging their cars. From a reverse angle, the addition of EV charger can be a powerful bargaining medium in attracting & retaining high-end skillful workers.

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Electric Vehicle Charging Stations represent cutting-edge technology and provide a solution to some of the world’s pollution challenges. Installing an EV charging station in your environment – home or offices – lets you consume less. Moreover, it adds credibility to a business.

In addition to having a team of skillful and passionate technicians, Boost EV is also a government-approved installer of subsidized EV stations.

Get in touch with us TODAY and tell us how we can be of help! We’d be more than happy to recommend the best EV station type that suits your plan correctly.