EV Charging Points for Restaurants

Attract new guests by providing charging outlets as a plus

The market for electric vehicles in the UK is overgrowing across all industries, especially in restaurants. Statistics show an increase in the usage of electric cars from 1.4% in 2013 to a value of 7.3% from 2019. Alternatively fueled vehicles are being used for holiday and business tours. However, the availability of a charging outlet is the significant factor many drivers consider when choosing a restaurant. Installing EV charging points will serve as a great attraction to new guests and retain the old ones. Scale your business with our EV charging station for restaurants and top your competitors. An EV charging infrastructure can also qualify you for bonus points and positive restaurant credibility.

There are many restaurants around the UK already benefitting from the Boost EV premium charging services, and they all can’t tell enough of us. Start today and watch your business leap! Reach out to us now via, and let’s get started.

Charging Stations Installation Services and More

There are several types of EV charging points available on the market – rapid chargers, fast chargers, and slow chargers. You can trust our expertise in making the right choice that suits the needs of your restaurant.

Boost EV is a leading service provider when it comes to charging stations for restaurants and hotel needs in the UK. With a team of dedicated and licensed electricians, we can provide customized charging solutions specially tailored around your needs. Our charging infrastructures for electric vehicles offer you the opportunity to give your customers advanced charging options. On request, we can also design an intelligent charging station that will provide you with access to valuable data on the charging rates, and offer evaluation options.

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Benefits of Installing an EV Charging Point at Your Restaurant
  • Position your restaurant for success in the leading map services
  • Guests will stay longer: since it takes a minimum of one hour for electric cars to charge, guests who are using your charging points will remain in restaurant for at least that time. In turn, they will need more desserts or coffee, enabling you to make more sales.
  • You’ll attract more Guests and Repeat Customers: maximize your business and earning spree by inviting new guests with electric cars. And since you can provide what they need, they will likely make your spot a preferred restaurant should they need one.
  • You’ll be supporting the Greener Innovation – protects your company’s image and makes your restaurant a preferred choice when customers are looking for a green option.
  • You offer something different to your competition

Ensure energy and cost efficiency: through our cloud-based management software, we assist you with the tracking as well as management of your charging station(s).

We Work With You

At Boost EV, our goal is to help our clients take advantage of EV charging infrastructures while helping improve their businesses by attracting high-tier customers to your restaurant. If you’re interested in installing an EV charging point at your restaurant, we can help you. From the design right through to installation and maintenance, we’ll work with you to find the perfect charging unit that fits your business perfectly.

If you’re interested in leveraging full-service expertise from the Boost EV team for your business, please contact us about EV charging pointsrequest a call back by filling our online request form.