So, you’re planning to buy your first electric car, and asking “why does your home need an EV charger?” Well, installing a home charging point is similar to topping up your EV battery from a public charging station.

You’ll discover several benefits to home charging units than public charging units. Overall, they are more convenient, safer, add value to your home, and are less expensive. If you’re still doubtful, below are the top four reasons why your home needs an EV charger.

Why Does Your Home Need an EV Charger?

Why Does Your Home Need an EV Charger?

Here are a few key benefits of having a home EV charger:

#1 Convenience

Unlike being dependent on public charging points, installing a home EV charger gives you more control over what time you can charge your vehicle. You don’t have to leave early for work at the petrol station. Neither do you have to stay in a long queue at public charging points and wait till it’s your turn. With home charging points, you can simply charge your car at your convenience and continue whatever you want to do.

Additionally, home chargers can charge your car a lot faster. Depending on its size, it can charge from zero to full in about 4 – 6 hours.

#2 Safety

Generally, charging at home is more comfortable and safer than charging in a public space. Primarily, topping up at public areas exposes your car to risks such as parking your car on the street. In addition to keeping you late at night, charging in public could get exposed to theft, vandalization, or natural elements like lighting.

Charging your EV at home keeps both you and your EV safer. Thereby, avoiding these potential dangers.

#3 Add Value to Your Home

With the adoption of electric cars fast-increasing in the UK, installing an EV charger in your home can lure any potential buyer. Moreover, with over 200,000 EVs already on the UK road, having a home charging point can be an added value to your property. In fact, experts report that it can add an average of £11.7k to the average UK house’s value.

Wait, there is more!

#4 Charge Your Car From Green Energy

Modern charging points like Boost EV are future-proof and sustainable. These intelligent charging solutions are compatible with renewable energy sources such as Solar or Wind Power. In other words, rather than paying for power to charge your car, you can use an abundance of green energy.

Installing a home EV charger is one of the most energy-saving solutions available. However, if you don’t have a renewable power source, you may arrange for a green energy tariff to run your home.

Where Should I Have My Charger Installed?

Before you have your home EV charger installed, it’s important that you first determine an ideal spot for it. The perfect location, however, is inside your parking garage.

Whether you’re installing a new unit or buying a used EV, be sure that its cord is long enough to reach your car. Also, remember to consider the location of your EV charging port when choosing where to install your charger.

If you don’t have a garage, you’ll need to choose the best outdoor spot for your EV charging point. Choose an area where the unit is safe from natural elements, and the wires can run safely.

Get an EV Charger Installed Today

In summary, installing a home EV charger is a top-notch investment. Moreover, this applies also to businesses, schools, retail stores, and communities.

To simply find out what range of EV capacity will suit your budget, please connect with team Boost EV today.