Fleet EV Charging

One-Stop-Shop in EV fleet charging solutions

With more electric cars on the streets and the innovation towards a greener environment in the UK, Boost EV & our industry partners are continuously expanding the charging facilities for this thriving market.

From the design through to the finish, we provide full scope charging solutions. Installing an EV charging station is a wise investment to attract new clients, guests, and highly skilled employees to your business. Plus, it can create revenue as well as provide convenience.

Boost EV offers a relaxing and flexible procedure for installing an EV charging station for your fleet. Get in touch with an expert today via 01274. Relate your requirements and schedule a FREE consultation at your convenience.

Fleet Energy Management

With our cloud-based intelligent solution, you can gain insight into your driver’s character and energy consumption that helps you maximize your fleet EV management.

Our solution enhances all charging needs, whether your drivers charge at work, at the depot, or public charge locations, ensuring high usage rates. Gain insight into extensive statistics about charging patterns, energy usage within your fleets.

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A Bespoke Solution for Your Fleet

We provide several Electric Vehicle charging solutions for commercial needs, including fleet operations, industries, offices, hospitality, retail, and more. We design a range of charging stations tailored around your fleet needs.

“Charge your fleet intelligently and reduce your electricity costs”

From delivery vans to campus buses and other vehicles in your fleet, we’ll help you choose the EV charging infrastructure that fits the requirements perfectly. Regardless of which fleet category you deal with, we can handle the installation and maintenance concept. We strive to deliver the best EV charger that serves you efficiently – one that keeps your business up and running at a rapid pace, even as your fleets stay in use all day.

Charge electric vehicles faster, conveniently, and efficiently with Boost EV charging stations. Come with your questions: we have answers ready to all inquiries.

EV Solutions for Electric Campus Vehicles

Boost EV proudly serves schools in the UK with reliable and efficient EV chargers that keep their transport buses up and running. Whatever your EV charging requirements for your campus or school district, we have a bespoke solution for you.

Installing an EV charger station does not only promote your school but also showcases your school as a progressive one. Get in touch with us today to schedule a FREE consultation for your property.

EV Solutions for Multi-Unit Dwellings

Multi-unit apartments can also benefit from installing electric vehicle charging infrastructures. Moreover, the charging of our electric cars takes place mostly at home. So, it’s beneficial for apartment buildings to offer this service.

Perks of Choosing Boost EV Fleet Charging Solution

Our installation packages include the following:

  • Electrical expertise – our team consists of the UK’s most trusted electricians who are well knowledgeable and skillful in their craft. With the most experienced team in the country, we can provide highly scalable fleet EV charging business solutions.
  • Maximized Energy resources
  • Scalable and flexible
  • Reduced cost of ownership
  • One-year installation warranty
  • Fast, on-site EV installation and maintenance services when needed
  • Prompt repair or replacement (within the warranty period)
  • Unlimited call support

Choose an intelligent and end-to-end EV charging solution to maximize your business needs.