Commercial Electric Vehicle Charging

Residential Apartment Blocks EV Charging

Scalable, Dedicated EV Charging Solutions designed for Residential Apartment blocks.

With the increase in the use and demand of electric vehicles towards the greener innovation in the UK, so will be the equivalent need for highly efficient and safe EV chargers. In addition to substantially decreasing upfront costs, installing an EV charging station will reduce upfront running and maintenance costs than their petrol/diesel counterparts.

Since most EV drivers practically charge their vehicles at home, property owners must prepare to meet the needs of these demanding residents. Yes, it won’t be long before one of your occupants requests a local EV charging point.

EV Charging for Residential Apartment Blocks

Boost EV works closely with you to revolutionize EV charging in residential buildings including Strata and Apartment Blocks. We identify, supply, and install the charging solution that suits your needs perfectly while offering the ease of use and convenience of charging at home.

With a team of highly trained and specialized electricians, we offer a fully managed service, including on-going maintenance services, insurance and billing at no extra cost. We make it possible for property managers to provide efficient and straightforward EV charging solutions for their residents at maximum conveniences.

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Benefits of EV Chargers for Residential Apartment Blocks

  • Appeal to reputable, green-minded tenants as well as buyers: installing EV Charging Stations for your apartment blocks can help make your property distinguished among many others on the real estate market, appealing to both potential tenants and prospective buyers.
  • Maximize average rent and your home value: real estate experts report that properties with renewable features rent or sell for a bounty on the market.
  • To meet the needs of tenants who own an electric vehicle
  • Boosts your environmental credentials

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Why an EV is Good For The Environment

EV Charging Solutions for Apartment Blocks

Let our team of specialized electricians handle your installation from start to finish

Boost EV handles everything from installation to on-site evaluation, and on-going service and support. We take care of all the hard labour and provide scalable, dedicated EV charging solutions for property owners and managers.

Specially designed for Multi-Family buildings, we help them reduce infrastructure costs by providing a scalable electricity solution. What’s more, we offer easy-to-use cloud-based charge infrastructure with 24/7 support you can rely on always.

Perks of Choosing our team

We Work With You

From providing on-site evaluation to installation and providing on-going maintenance services, we handle everything for you. Our EV charger is designed with an in-built intelligent monitor that makes it possible to track your power use and data management.

Customized EV Stations

Our smart technology optimizes and distributes power efficiently to where it’s needed the most. A great benefit of working with us is the ability to install an EV station just wherever you want it to support dedicated & flexible charging solution.

Great Value For Money

We provide long-term EV solutions at very affordable and competitive prices. Boost EV saves you thousands on installation costs by optimizing your current apartment structure. Moreover, installing EV stations adds value to your property and attracts potential buyers.

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